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Want to Increase Conversion

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I have a well performing adwords account with good quality score & ad position. Monthly i am getting 40-45 conversion and my client need minimum 60 conversions in a month with same budget. It become an issue for me to considration. Please help me out!!




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Re: Want to Increase Conversion

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Good morning, Moonis,

To be honest, there's only so much you can do by tweaking the Adwords algorithm. Improving adwords campaigns by significant amounts always means asking better questions of it.

By which I mean - in your adwords ads, is there a clear winner? Do you have an ad that quite literally has as many clicks as all your others put together?

This is one way to test the waters in the marketplace - using emotional "triggers". Your problem is that you don't know which one to use. Nor do I! In fact nobody does, but that's not the issue here, try a few.

Readers' Digest used to send out cards with their regular mailings. On this card would be the headlines for three articles in a forthcoming edition of Readers Digest. The people getting their copy would look at these, and think "I'd like to read about that". So they ticked the box next to the article and popped it back in the post to Readers' Digest.

It took a long time and was very expensive; it wasn't something Readers' Digest were going to do every month. Nevertheless, knowing the way their readers were feeling was extremely important and they were clever enough to use the knowledge gained from this one test across all of their future copies and advertising.

Because what their readers didn't know was that the "articles" they were choosing were in fact the same article - only three COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HEADLINES for the same article! One would be a CLEAR winner, the others not. The one would strike a chord with the RD readership. [apologies, I hit the wrong button - this is a continuation]


Now doing this with your Adwords campaign will work a treat. Believe me, in Direct marketing there's very little that's new. In this case the so-called "split test" - remember my example above was carried out in the 1920s and 30s. The split test itself was developed before 1900 with the emergence of the swift postal services. 


SO WHAT? My point is to start with three headlines (adwords ads) that are totally different. It's a skill that's as rare today as it was back in the 20s. If you can develop this, and it's not easy, you'll be able to outpace your competition in any competitive arena. And that includes Adwords. 


If you want to hint at your keywords, I can give you some tips here on this forum. Strategies of this kind and their consequences for your sales funnel can increase conversions exponentially.


I have to be in Rotterdam today, but will be back in around 12 hours' time unless a certain university professor wants to take me out to dinner. In which case, my apologies in advance. 


By the way, if anyone happens to have a source or a link for the story I told it would be greatly appreciated. It was one of those things you get to hear and whilst they quoted a source, I didn't note it at the time. 

Re: Want to Increase Conversion

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Hi Moonis,

You should focus on conversion rate & cost/conversions.
Pause keywords with low conversions rate & high cost/conversions. If you found keywords with high conversions rate but with high cost/conversion, you should pause that keywords too. Because low cost/conversions keywords can save your money.



Re: Want to Increase Conversion

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Hi Moonis.

To add to the excellent advice you already received....

I agree that you need to identify what your conversion rate is. Aside from all the tweaking in the account, working with keywords, ad copy, extensions, etc how is the site performing?

Do you need to concern yourself with more traffic or different traffic or do you need to concern yourself with improving the website conversion rate? Perhaps you need to test different messaging, a well placed call to action, or different landing pages for your ad?

Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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