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View through conversions and conversions??

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Campaign report for dynamic remarketing campaign is showing 106 as view through conversions and only 6 as conversions. This is a huge difference. I am confused whether I should be happy that my campaign is performing well or I should worry about 6 number of conversions.

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September 2015

Re: View through conversions and conversions??

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Hi Richa,
This is completely normal with any remarketing, especially dynamic remarketing.

"Conversions" are actual conversions. As you know them. So someone clicked on your dynamic remarketing ad and converted immediately.

View-through Conversions are what happens when a customer sees an ad, and then later completes a conversion on your site. Google allows you to track View-through Conversions, providing insight into the holistic value of your display campaigns.

The "later" here is important. This means that they came back via another source and converted. However, they saw your ad in the meantime.

This is an incredibly strong sign that your remarketing ads are doing MORE than what they were designed to do. They are not only bringing back lost visitors but they are also having a significant impact on your branding.

I don't know what your ROI is on this campaign so I can't comment on whether this is good or not but if it is a positive ROI, I'd be pretty happy with that. In fact, Id' be looking at ways to increase my spend here.

Re: View through conversions and conversions??

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Thank you Smiley Happy It helps Smiley Happy