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Video Promotion - very few impressions, but no competitors

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Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum to ask, but I'll try anyway!


I'm running a video promotion campaign, and all is set up and good. It's a very low big though for the PPC, so I didn't expect massive views or impressions.


However, here is the weird thing: I took a look at YouTube, and searched for some of the same search terms that my ad is bidding for: there's no competitors on any of the search terms, no other promoted videos! Yet my own promoted videos aren't "winning enough auctions" to get very many impressions ! How in the world does that work?


If there are no other competitors for the search terms (I realize location, age, gender etc. could have something to do with it), my low bid should still be the winning bid, and I should be getting far more impressions than I am getting (I'm only spending a fraction of my daily budget).


Any ideas?

Re: Video Promotion - very few impressions, but no competitors

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Hey TokyoZeplin,


I would go ahead and try increasing your bids. Just keep an eye on them when you do this to make sure you arn't exceeding your target budget.


Are your keywords displaying a 'Low Search Volume' message? If so, Google will not run ads regularly for terms that do not generate enough search volume. If this is the case, try broadening your keywords.





Re: Video Promotion - very few impressions, but no competitors

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Hey Bluelon,


Search volume should be fine, it's very broad terms for a large target group. While I can't remember the exact numbers for YouTube, the collective on Google would be over a million searches a month.


Again, my question here is how my ads are not "winning the bids", aka not getting impressions, when there are no other competitors for the same search terms?

Sure I could raise the bid, but that wouldn't make a lot of sense, when I should be winning the bids with my current one (since I'm bidding against, well, no one else).