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Very Relevant Image Ads "Below Quality Threshold" and Not Showing

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Hi, hoping to get a solid answer on this.


I am advertising a free 5-page PDF, which is an excerpt from my book on Sweep Picking (a guitar technique) for sale. The ads say:


"Sweep Picking - Free 5-Page PDF, Start Shredding"

"Sweep Picking - Free 5-Page PDF, Bonus Audio"

"Sweep Picking - Free PDF Sweep Exercises"




The ad sends people to a page on my website


Which is about as content optimized as I can imagine. It's got a mailing list signup detailing the free 5-page PDF and bonus audio, plus explanatory language about the sweep picking book, as well as a link to buy it on Amazon. I talked to customer support on the phone; all they would tell me is "add more content". I did add more content about the book (which in my opinion simply clutters up the page), and still the "Managed" balloon says "Below Quality Threshold". What bugs me is that I ran basically the same campaign in February (simply directed to a different URL, but with almost exactly the same content on the page) with no problems at all displaying on the three or four sites that I had selected for placements.


Can someone help me out? I don't see at all what the quality problem could be. Thanks.

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Re: Very Relevant Image Ads "Below Quality Threshold" and No

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Hi Brett,


Thanks for your post! Sometimes only having 3 or 4 placements as your targeting for the Display network can be quite limiting.  Would you try opening up your targeting a bit? Maybe add keywords and topics? 


If you'd prefer to keep your ads to the placements selected, try increasing your bids and make sure you have added the correct image ad sizes to your campaign. I'd also recommend adding a text ad. Take a look at following Community post about creating high quality image ads: It has lots of great tips! 


Hope this helps! 

Re: Very Relevant Image Ads "Below Quality Threshold" and No

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Thanks for the reply Rachel. I do have several text ads as well (which I'm not as concerned about, as they always have generated less clicks). The book and topic I'm advertising are pretty niche, so it doesn't make good business sense for me to open up the ads to any other topics; too many unqualified leads. The ad sizes are correct, and the "balloon" next to the ads doesn't mention being out-bid. It says "quality below threshold".

Which brings me back to my original question: what would be causing that low rating? I can't imagine that I'm being penalized by Google for running a targeted campaign that doesn't waste clicks on unqualified prospects. I was told by phone support that a human being is looking at my landing page and judging it good or bad (quality rating) relevant to my ads. Is this the case, or does it have to do with things like CTR or the fact that the campaign is only running on a few sites? If the former, my CTR could never be good if the ads never run in the first place, and if the latter, why did it work fine a few months ago on the same sites?

I'm still confused as to the reasoning behind the low quality rating. I'm willing to play the game to get them running, but it's pretty unclear at the moment what the rules are. Any suggestions?
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Re: Very Relevant Image Ads "Below Quality Threshold" and No

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Badged Google Partner


Your landing page is lacking some basic on site factors that are holding your quality score down for that landing page.

If you have the ability to edit, please implement these following tips.

( this is basic On site SEO - but helps the bots also determine what your landing page is about)

1) Your TITLE TAG - what shows up in the top of the browser. Current it is just

For higher quality score, Google looks to see if the page is relevant to the terms or topics in which you advertise.

Since you are advertising Sweep Picking - Free 5-Page PDF Guitar Book

Let's change the TITLE Tag show that it shows
<title>Sweep Picking - Free 5-Page PDF Guitar Book</title>

2) You added the image of your book but left out an Alt tag
<img src="/images/sweep_picking_book.jpg" alt="" />

the alt=""

You might want to add the alt tag, "Brett Miller Sweep Picking Guitar Book".

3) You definitely could use more words. You could Copy the first 3 paragraph of your Lessons from the PDF as text not images, and add them to the site.

Under the call to action, Buy On Amazon
I would add a sample from the book, I would add the table of contents from the book, I would add any testimonial you received from the book or even the amazon reviews if any. I see you have two. Make your Landing page standout like you did on the Amazon Site.
Then give another call to action to Buy on Amazon.

A good landing page should have at least 300-500 words with the keywords and topic themes you are advertising.

You did a great job on the Amazon site, describing yourself and the book, Take that same enthusiasm and attention to detail on your Landing page.

Lastly - Site speed - Do all the other things first as they are easy, but if your quality is still bad after the suggestions, then its going to Site Speed.

The Load time on your website is extremely slow, which leads to low quality for a user. Work on improvement of that speed. Try and get to at least 60 or 75/100

Landing page

35/100 Mobile 45/100 Desktop

Website URL

35/100 mobile 45/100 desktop

If you do the things I mentioned about Your Landing Page Quality will increase tremendously

Good Luck
Eric G


Re: Very Relevant Image Ads "Below Quality Threshold" and No

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Eric, your reply is very much appreciated! This is the type of specific info that I was looking for; very helpful indeed. Thanks again.