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Using different matches for same keyword

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Hi Folks,


I'm not sure if I am going about this the right way ....


I wanted to set up a campaign with different types of matches over the same keyword, to allow me to bid different prices for an exact, phrase or broadly modified match. My reasoning is that someone who comes in on a phrase search is worth more to me than someone who came via broad modified search - and exact match is worth most. 


But when I set it up I get a message telling me the phrase match is not showing ads because the exact match is a 'better' keyword match. I am wondering is that is a universal 'not showing' or if it changes with every search. Let me explain my question ....


First, lets consider the keywords (this is from my account):

[video production]

"video production"

+video +production


In the keyword list they look identical. But in a real search, I thought the three would be more dynamic. So if the searcher types only <video production> the exact match would win. But - if they typed <video production expert> the exact match would be knocked out and the phrase match would win. Similarly, if they typed <video and movie production> both the exact and phrase would be knocked out and the modified broad match would win.


Is that how it actually works? If so, is my structure sound - despite the 'ads not showing' message? 


Is there a better way to achieve my objective, of getting bidding control over the nature of the match?


Cheers to you all



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Re: Using different matches for same keyword

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HI Craig,


If you want to achieve your ojective, then there is only one way to achieve it.


Move keywords to different ad groups based on their match type and put the other match type as negative keyword.


For example


[video production] will be in a seperate ad group. and


"video production"

+video +production


will be negative keywords in that ad group.


This way you can prevent a different match type from triggering your ads. This is not possible when they are in the same ad group, due to CTR and quality score differences.


For a big account with thousands of keywords it will be difficult to implement this startegy across all keywords.


but definitely you can use this strategy with your best converting keywords to fine tune your account.


Hope this helps,




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Re: Using different matches for same keyword

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Hi Craig,


Let me put in few of my thoughts around it since this topic has also been raised many times in the community.


First and foremost thing is the technology changes which happened sometime back in terms of how Adwords treat exact and phrase matches by introducing the keyword variants option. Read this article for insights. So now if you have exact and phrase matches in your keyword list, they are eligible for variations like synonyms, misspellings and other variations by default. If you don't want this in your campaign, you can disable that option under keyword matching options settings.


If you have small keyword list and you want your ads to perform effectively well on different match types, one way could be to introduce different campaigns for different match types. And then including embedded negative keywords at the campaign level. For phrase campaign, you can add exact matches (similar keywords) as negatives at campaign level and for Broad match campaign, you can add phrase and exact as negatives at campaign level. There is no need to include negatives for Exact Match campaign as they are Top Preferred keywords.


Another way could be introducing different match types in different ad groups but keeping them in a single campaign. Here, you can use the negative embedded keywords at the ad group level for effective advertising.


I would also encourage you to go through this reference explaining your situation very well.


Hope this helps!


Re: Using different matches for same keyword

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Hi Pankaj,


Thanks for the reference - the document on how google prioritises searches for similar/same terms was enlightening. The system seems to work as I had suspected .. first, look for an exact match, then 'next closest' (phrase), then next closest (broad).


Also, I put my campaign live today and have found that all 3 match types have triggered for the same term - so again, it seems to be working without needing to use negative keywords.


So the 'ads not showing' message would appear to only be true at a certain, specific point in time. As soon as someone enters a search outside the exact term it seems the algo goes looking for 'next closest' - but you would be uinlikely to be checking the status at that moment I guess!


Interestingly, the clicks I have got today are cheaper than usual ..... I don't know if that will continue or not.....


Thanks for your help Pankaj

Re: Using different matches for same keyword

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Hi AdMan,


"So the 'ads not showing' message would appear to only be true at a certain, specific point in time."


This is true and not true at the same time. The 'ads not showing' message does refer to that particular moment in time, always. QS is calculated every time your ad is eligible to show based on your settings. It is also calculated each time you look at the QS in the UI. But the message you get in the UI will always be based on the exact match term. The broad match and phrase match should always say 'ads not showing' in the UI, but if you use the Ad preview tool and enter a query that would trigger the broad or phrase match, you should see your ad is showing for those queries.


There are situations where you may want to add negatives for match types when those match types are separated by campaign or ad group. If you don't bid more for the exact match, it is possible for phrase match to get the impression. In that case, instead of showing the ad you designed for exact match, the ad for the phrase match group could show. If bids for phrase and exact are not higher than for phrase, phrase match could get the impression.


All in all, it appears to me you have a good understaing of how match types work.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Using different matches for same keyword

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Hi AdMan,


Don't live with the illution that Exact match don't need negative keywords and it is the most 'Preferred' keyword match type.


This can be true when the account is relatively new (as in your case), but the dynamics changes very quickly based on CTR when your campaign starts to accumulate clicks.


So if your exact match keyword CTR is low and if it is not supported by a higher bid compared to phrase match, there are high chances that your phrase match keyword will trigger your ads.


A new feature is intoduced with adwords search term report where in you can see the search terms which triggered the ads and the keywords which triggered your ad.


Have a close eye on this report and then decide about adding negative keywords.


Hope this helps.