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Using both a subdomain AND a folder in a display URL

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Has anyone used both a subdomain AND a folder in a display URL?

My worry is that this would make the URL too long and decrease CTR.




What was your experice/ results on CTR?

Also, with or without www?



Graham Hunter

Interwebs Marketing

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Re: Using both a subdomain AND a folder in a display URL

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Hello Graham; Welcome;


I am now optimizing a campaign where we use DKI in the display URL.

CTR is astonishing, compared to "domain only" display URL.

I think that DKI in the display URL, or what you call "folder", gives focus on the product / service, and should improve CTR


Read more:

Dynamic Keyword Insertion in URLs

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Using both a subdomain AND a folder in a display URL

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I agree with MosheTVL,


As long as it fits within the 35 character limit, having the display URL closely match the search phrase is a good thing.  


Using this technique, we haven't experienced any downside to the longer display URL.

Re: Using both a subdomain AND a folder in a display URL

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I've never used a sub-domain and a folder (I don't recall ever using a sub-domain actually) but using what appears to be a folder (using the keyword) does increase CTR in most cases.


Moshe's use of the DKI works too but only if the resulting string is 35 characters or less. If you use a sub-domain as well, that severely restricts the length of the keyword, typically likely only ten characters or so (likely less) would be left for the keyword. As most of my keywords would not fit, I use this format:


where the keyword is typically the brand. This is only option for the keyword to show somewhere in the ad when the brand is a trademark. But


would work too. They only reason I can see to use both is in cases such as:


or better yet, to include the model:


Note that you cannot have spaces in a URL so when using the DKI, Adwords would insert a +. This may look weird to some and actually decrease CTR (in some cases it may actually help). But test and see.


I've never heard someone worry or even considered that a URL could be too long and decrease CTR. Something else to test... but I don't expect this to make a difference.


As for the www part, you now have no choice: Google automatically inserts it as well as a trailing / after the TLD. It will also show in lower cases, except for the folder part which will respect your capitalization.