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Using More Than One Bidding Strategy

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I'm wondering if using two separate bidding strategies on a campaign at the same time could cause any issues. 


I have one bidding strategy that optimises towards conversions and I want to I overlay a second bidding strategy (an AdWords script) to change the mobile bid modifier at different times of the day.


Would there be a conflict between the two strategies working side by side? My initial thought is as the fact that one focuses on the CPC and the other looks at the mobile modifier there wouldn't be an overlap.



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June 2016

Re: Using More Than One Bidding Strategy

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Hi John,

It would actually depend upon whether some overlapping happening across both the bidding strategies. If yes, then there could be, if not, then it shouldn't be. You need to analyse both the bidding strategies one by one and find out the situations where this could happen. I am not sure which conversion flexible bidding you are using.

Re: Using More Than One Bidding Strategy

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Adding a side note here,

"For Conversion Optimizer(target CPA), the only mobile bid adjustment that can be used is a 100% decrease."

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