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Using Customer ID to find login ino

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I have a few old clients still in my Analytics reports. Problem is Analytics won't let me delete them because they are linked to an Adwords account. Analytics gives me the 10 digit Customer ID number. What I can't find is what login is associated with this ID.


Over the years I've set up many Adwords accounts and Google App accounts. What I think happened is that an email I used for an early Adwords (Google Account) has since become a Google App email. When Google Apps came online for everyone I used it to host my email. So I "think" it is loosing the associations once it became a Google App email account..weird.


Anyways, I'm a bit twisted up...looking for the reminder login that says "Customer ID" ? which I will then enter and proceed to retrack the other bits of login info (username/password) so I can get to the linked Adwords account and remove these old clients from my Analytics.


Whew...If anyone knows, it would be great help.



Re: Using Customer ID to find login ino

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I actually found the answer. You can call Google! Who'd have thought. Anyways, called and if you go into Admin>Property>Adwords Linking you can unlink the account there...then you can go back and delete the property. Was also able to identify the email address once I selected to unlink the account. WooHoo!