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User Location Report vs Campaign Report

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Hi Adwords Team,


My name is Sucita and I have a question of why the readings under “Campaign” level, the number does not tally with the reports that I have gotten from the report “Geographic ( what triggered your ad )” & “Where your users were (user locations)?


Look forward to your answer. Thank you!

Re: User Location Report vs Campaign Report

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Hi Sucita,



The reason is that to track location of the user is not an easy because they move from one place to another and this data is track by third party web logs that's why you get less data.

While campaign level data updated within few hour which i think.That's why their is difference in these two.

What i have seen  when i make performance report in excel for my account i have seen data of seven days varies this is due to google quality team check about the click that my account got, is valid or not and their several other thing they check and then update those click which is not updated with 2 days.


I Hope this link will hwlp you