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Usage of Modifier on broad search terms

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Hello I have an query regarding how modifer works . 


Recently I have setup a campaign with  keywords :

1)              +shoes +at  London ,

2)               +shoes +nearby +london

3)                +shoes in +London


I found in months report that all the keywords got impression and clicks.


But one of my collegue says that  "if a modifer is to be used it should be mentioned at all words on a keyword" and he says that the 2nd one only is the correct format.


Does my collegue wordings are correct ? , If so then how I could have clicks and impressions for the wrong mentions of 1 and 3 ?


thanks in advance for your replies.






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Re: Usage of Modifier on broad search terms

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Hi Billy T

No That is not necessary to put modifier on all the words.The words that are preceded by a modifier (+) sign must appear in the user’s keyword phrase exactly or as a close variation.


Re: Usage of Modifier on broad search terms

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Hi Billy,

While Santosh is correct, I would agree with your colleague, if you're going to be using BMM, you're looking for more control over how you're keywords are matching search terms.

By designating terms with the + sign, you're requiring them to be part of the search query. In your example +shoes + london would cover all three examples. I would then use more restrictive match types on longer tail keywords that you can mine from your SQR.

My couple cents Smiley Happy

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