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Urgent Help:Google shopping campaign

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Hello All,

 We are currently running an adwords shopping campaign for an ecommerce website.

Suppose if we do a site structure change and my old urls changed.

Now do i have to change the updated url list in Google Merchant account or adwords will take care automatically to still able to run the campaign? 


So what is the best strategy?

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Urgent Help:Google shopping campaign

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all shopping-ad items are tracked by id -- the id attribute values, within
the submitted product (feed) data, within the merchant-center-account.

id is tied to a physical inventory item --
the in stock, physical inventory item,
that is sold and shipped to a customer,

regardless of any site-structure.

for a site-structure change, assuming the same verified and claimed domain:

the best likely course is to simply keep the existing id,
tied to same exact physical inventory item, and update
only the link, within the existing submitted (feed) data.

(a) wait until the site-structure change is complete and uses can buy items;

(b) then, using the currently registered, existing, feed, simply update the
link attribute for each physical inventory item and point to the new location;

(c) resubmit the updated (feed) with the updated link values.

if the api is used -- simply change the link
attribute and re-insert the same item/id.

google will need to re-crawl all submitted link landing-pages to compare
the site against the submitted data, for policy related issues, before the
updated information may be seen in the ad-account and shopping-ads --
which may take 72-hours or more depending on inventory size and other factors.

if the id values do not change, and only the link landing-page
changes, then the shopping-campaign should take care of itself.

one rather major caveat is if the site-structure effects other attributes,
other than the link (landing-page), that are currently being used to create
product-groups within the shopping-campaign.

for example, if product-groups are based on brand, there would be no issue;
for example, if product-groups are based on product_type and product_type
does not change, then there would be no issue.

however, for example, if product-groups are based on product_type and product_type
structure does change within the new site-structure, then that would be an issue --
in that case, the shopping-campaign would need to change and the details may
be somewhat complex -- if so, the best likely course would be to create a new
shopping-campaign, before any submitted (feed) changes, then use campaign
priorities to swap the two campaigns, after the updated data is submitted and
are seen within the new campaign.

contacting google and asking for a merchant-center/shopping-ads
support-specialist may also be helpful -- so a person may look
directly into all submitted data, campaigns, and both accounts.