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Updating time zone and account information

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OK, I'll try to make this short, to the point and without making it too boring. First of all you could do a better job with the editing accounts area. Of all options to set up an account you choose the time zone is by me and probably millions of others. If nobody has mentioned it then let me add that businesses and people move and update information constantly. It's not to hide, it's either to upgrade or downsize. Some of us even have to update our company brand which means I need to change my logo. The worst part of all this is I have to spend sleep time trying to figure out why I have to go to a forum to find answers to questions I shouldn't even have to ask in the first place. If someone doesn't want you to hold a credit card or any information then why not set up a mandatory form one must fill out to even get an Adwords account? Have them verify it by their billing address so that way if they ever do pay with a credit/debit card, it matches their billing address. Has to be a better way, or perhaps your program doesn't fit very well with daily lives of working people or industries, or you should come up with a plan on how to edit how everyone can edit their account. FYI, >>>>> I really don't have time to search through a forum and I definitely don't want to spend my time having to get answers through any type of social network. I have to spend my time satisfying the needs of my customers with the service I provide them <<<<< That's a really good statement.

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Re: Updating time zone and account information

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Hello Jeff E

I did read your request twice. But I have trouble to see on what specific point(s) you have a problem in Adwords.

I also experience it often so that businesses are not as customer friendly nowadays. At least that is what I think you try to express.

For changing Adwords account matters I can refer you to:

Change your AdWords sign-in information

Enter and Edit billing information

Switch your payment option

Cancel your AdWords account

You have trouble with changing your logo and brand name?
Is this an Adwords Problem?

** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.

Re: Updating time zone and account information

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Hi Jeff,

I've been working with AdWords since it was launched, and certain rules have remained fixed since day 1. They have their "reasons" and no one seems to provide a really good reason why, but most advertisers learn to just deal with it and get on, mostly because we don't have any other option.

Edits to the initial account settings - time zone, currency - are one of those weird things that get set in stone when you create an account. For now, unfortunately, there just isn't a way around it.

Re: Updating time zone and account information

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Well...I agree that Adwords is no a simple tool.


However; - I disagree that there are no support channels: Google offers all support channels available on the market: A support specialist on the phone; by  email; an up to date comprehensive help center, and a
"peer to peer" support  community.

 You, as an advertiser, need to put the time to learn the system, and get yourself familair with the tool. There is no magic here. As with any business tool you employ - unless you are familiar  with it - it will not be helpful. (That doesn't mean that you need to know every detail of Adwords-, but you definitely, should be at "mid range" level to run a successful campaign. 

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