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Upcoming Changes to Exact & Phrase Match Types

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Hi All, Google recently announced some upcoming changes to exact and phrase match behavior. I realize it's something you can opt in or out of (thankfully) but I'm not sure how I feel about this just yet. I'm also curious if it will apply to exact and phrase match negatives as well. Anybody have any insight? 




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Re: Upcoming Changes to Exact & Phrase Match Types

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Hi Chris,


You're not alone with your thoughts.  Lots of folks are inquisitive as to how this will eventually look. 


Interesting question about negatives.  I would say that they're probably not going to have any bearing on negative KWs as negatives are already treated slightly different, but I cannot confirm this. 


For more reading and thoughts, there was an initial discussion about this yesterday and another non-related discussion that turned into a related discussion.






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Re: Upcoming Changes to Exact & Phrase Match Types

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I've never been a big fan of some of the google automation tools. I like to have the hands-on feel.


We usually cover mis-spelling etc. with modified broad match, which already includes mis-spelling etc.


I feel like Google is trying to squeeze more revenue out of me with this feature.

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