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Underperforming Clients

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What are some thoughts on helping under performing clients to perform better?

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September 2015

Re: Underperforming Clients

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Hi mWickham,

I'll start by asking... Where would you like everyone to start? At the end of the day, this is what account managers are made for. All those with passion love to take an under performing client and turn them around. Unfortunately that does leave a literal book worth of suggestions. So I will try and give you a few suggested starting points, the meaty bits. There will be plenty more to do and I am sure otherwise will gladly add in their thoughts but lets start.

The first thing I like to do is my favourite tool... the SQR. Whenever I get a new client that is always the first place I start as there is a wealth of information here if you manipulate the data in various ways (Yay for pivot tables) and actually see what is going on.

It will tell you how well the account is structured, Give you an indication of wasted spend, of targeting, of missed opportunities, of matching issues, bidding and budget indications as well as where the strength is in term of Keywords and the list goes on.

Use this report for informing future decisions as well as correcting some immediate mistakes such as wasted spend on search terms that are not relevant to the account.

After the SQR i like to move to the ads, and again I export these and manipulate them in pivot tables. This gives me an idea of which aspects of each ad is working, how many ads are in each ad group and whether there is proper testing happening.

Always be running ad tests and make sure you are testing in a clear and simple way so as not to get lost.

I then begin to restructure the account based on the SQR data, and look at ensuring the ad groups are well themed and structured, with embedded negatives and correct matching options.

After this I then start to look at things like the best and worst Keywords, the highest spenders and their QS (this is where a lot of other people start but I prefer to get a lay of the land first). in theory your top spenders should have high QS, if your top spenders have a QS of 3/4/5 it is an indication of a serious problem (for the most part) and this should be resolved soon, which you have hopefully already done through ad changes and ad group restructuring.

That is a bit of a long post and there is still so much more to go, but it is a good place to start.

Good Luck