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Two landing pages and their impact on keyword landing page rating?

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I have two landing pages which are being used for the same Ad in the same Adgroup.


Some keywords show the "Landing page experience below average". 


Do you know, how this gets calculated if you have two landing pages with the same Ad text in the Same Adgroup.


I have used Google Experiment but that has the negative impact on the Quality score in the short run. So using the google experiment is not what I am looking for.


I saw a post that some suggest to have one landing page for each adgroup and if we need to use the different one with the same set of keywords then create the second adgroup and use the timing of showing one adgroup in one day and another one in alternate days and test the system that way. it is too much maintenance but I guess, it is feasible. Any insight on this?

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Re: Two landing pages and their impact on keyword landing page rating?

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Hi Paymon R,

We don't really know what happens in the case of 2 landing pages, or even in the case of 2 ads in the same ad group. Google hasn't provided much information on which ad or landing page is analyzed, and they haven't said much about how they evaluate the landing page experience.

Sorry I wasn't much help here.

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Re: Two landing pages and their impact on keyword landing page rating?

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So any best practice in your opinion?

Re: Two landing pages and their impact on keyword landing page rating?

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The problem with runninng Ad Groups on alternate days is that the pattern doesn't take into account the fact that most markets produce more traffic and convert better on certain days of the week. These market-based performance variations can blur the results of running on alternate days. 


For example, if Landing Page A is not as good as Landing Page B, but Page A is the one being served on Mondays and Wednesdays, when most of your market's sales are produced, then Page A will look better than it actually is.


And Page B, which is actually a better landing page, will look weak because it's being triggered on Tuesdays and Thursdays and those happen to be days when your market doesn't produce many sales.


Make sense?


I would suggest that you take the ad with the landing page URL that seems to be working "best" for you and keep it active, while pausing the lower-performing ad. Watch how the ad for the 'good' landing page performs--this gives you a benchmark, something to measure against. After that, you can reactivate the ad with the other landing page--then watch how much of the traffic it gets, what searches it's serving, whether or not it has an impact on your results, how much it might increase or decrease sales, etc. Basically, you have to test and evaluate and then decide what landing page to use going forward.

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