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Two different remarketing set-ups, and results

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I am...


... new to re-marketing.

... looking at re-marketing results for two audiences that I set up, in a single ad group.

... looking at results in AdWords,  because I have not yet modified code for use with GA.


The data indicate that I've set-up 2 different remarketing audience types (in the same ad group).  One audience type ("Legal") gives a Dest. URL in the data.  In the other audience ("Trying"), the Dest URL is blank.  I remember doing something different to set-up "Trying", but I do not remember what I did.  Can someone tell me what I've done, and point me to resources that teach me how to interpret results for both types of set-ups?


(Note:  We inserted script on every page when we set-up "Legal" but didn't change/modify/add to the code when we set-up "Trying".   .For exmaple, we have not yet modifiyed the code in order to view results in GA.)

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Re: Two different remarketing set-ups, and results

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Community Manager

Hi there,

We've escalated this issue to a support specialist. You should hear an update soon.

Thanks for your patience,

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September 2015

Re: Two different remarketing set-ups, and results

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hello ChrisatGIM,


I will be happy to help address the issues you are having with creating your remarketing lists. First, I want to explain that there are a few different ways you can go about setting up your remarketing Lists.


Remarketing List in Google Analytics


You can create a remarketing list through Google Analytics. Once you create the remarketing list in Google Analytics, it will autoamtically appear in the Audiences section of your AdWords account. 


I found an article from our Analytics Help Center, titled Remarketing Lists in Google Analytics, which provides all of the instructions and information you need to set up a remarketing list in Google Analytics.


Remarketing List in AdWords


As you are aware, you can also create remarketing lists wtihin your AdWords account. There are a few different ways you can go about creating remarketing lists within AdWords, yet they all ultimately lead to the same end result. I found an article from our AdWords Help Center, titled Create and edit a remarketing list, which I believe can help you set up your remarketing lists in AdWords.


With the new Remarketing tag, you can place the same tag on every page of your website. Once you do this, you can then create specific rules to define your lists. This article provides more information on how to create Remarketing lists.


From your post, it looks like you have specific questions regarding your AdWords account. In order to troubleshoot this specific issue of yours, I would suggest you contact our AdWords support team by calling 1-866-2-GOOGLE. You will want to have your 10 digit customer ID handy and a member of my team will be able to take a look at your account and answer any questions about the remarketing lists you have created.


I hope that you find this information helpful!


-Neil M