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Turn off Mobile Ads to Mobiles using Networks (Search Network Only)

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Is there a way I can tell Google NOT to display my Ads to mobile devices on a network (i.e Only display to mobile devices using WIFI) on the Search Network?


The reason is that we target certain areas of the UK. What we are noticing is a high number of Ads being displayed in areas that are irrelevant when using a mobile on 3G / 4G. For instance, while in Bristol UK, we used a term that should have triggered my Bristol Ad but we were displayed our Birmingham Ad. After investigating, it was because my 4G Network IP was saying I was in Birmingham therefore displaying the Birmingham campaign. Whilst I appreciate that in this instance, Google is doing its job correctly by showing a Birmingham Ad to someone 'apparently' in Birmingham, it ultimately means for our business that any user using 3G / 4G Networks on mobile devices are probably being shown Ads that are a million miles away from their location and we have no chance of converting due to the nature of our business. 


I have carried out a number of tests with friends and mobile devices and our IP's are always: London, Birmingham and even Plymouth even though we are at points, up to 250 Miles away from those locations so we now know that mobile device targeting to us is a waste of money due to the inaccuracies of mobile IPs.


I have looked everywhere and cannot see a way to disable Ads to mobile devices using networks? Is there such a way? If not, does anyone know a way around it?


Many Thanks,



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Re: Turn off Mobile Ads to Mobiles using Networks (Search Network Only

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Good morning.


At this time, the only adjustments you can make to ad serving on different devices is to adjust the bids you offer for (all) mobile traffic. 


That is, you can eliminate serving to all mobile devices by setting your bids for traffic from those devices to -100%. No other adjustments are available right now.

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Re: Turn off Mobile Ads to Mobiles using Networks (Search Network Only

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HI Theresa,

Thanks for your reply. It is as I thought it would be which is unfortunate and very frustrating for us as it means we either have to stop all Mobile Ads (They are about 40% of our displays) or we have to accept that a high % of them will be rendered useless and a waste of budget.

I was kinda hoping there would be a way around it somehow Smiley Sad

Thanks anyway,