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Turn Best Performing Brand Campaign into SKAG?

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Hi guys, need input on a difficult descision. I´ve got a branded keyword lets say its

Super Sourcing Company which performs really well, of couse it´s a brand key Smiley Happy


the structure is a the moment broad targeting  and looks like this:

super sourcing company xyc

super sourcing company ltd

super-sourcing company 


As i´ve said the targeting is broad. So from my understanding this would also work with just one broad keyword. Super sourcing company

since it is broad targeting, right? 


And the other question is, do i get even more conversion if i turn this campaign into a skag?

like this:

[super soucing company]

+super +sourcing +company

"super souncing company"


thanks for your help 



Turn Best Performing Brand Campaign into SKAG?

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Hi Lakatos, thanks for your help. So if I understand you correctly I should see a bit improvement in conversions

when I turn the broad campaign into a skag? is there another solution how to scale this up? Becuase this brand campaign gets the most conversions.