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Trying to understand poor quality?

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Some of my keywords have a very bad quality score 3/10 and I can't understand why?


I am running an [exact match] keyword on the search network. My Ad title and Ad copy has the keyword. The langing page is fully optimised for the keyword (it's a content based landing page) Page Title and the content body has the keyword in it a few times. My bid is $5 over the est top page bid.


Any suggestions?


Does the url depth have anything to do with quality score? The page is 4 folders deep in my site


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September 2015

Re: QS and CTR

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Hello again GlenBob;

If you are using a new keyword Google first gives you a QS, based on the average QS of other advertisers, for the "exact match" type of that keyword. This is done until your keyword gains 1000 impressions. (By Google calculations, 1000 impressions are enough to start evaluating your keyword performance based on its performance.)


When we talk "performance " we mainly mean "CTR" -: the higher the CTR - the higher the QS;

So; if you crossed the 1000 impressions, and have QS of 3/10- that means a low CTR. If you haven't reached 1000 impressions - that is ' the QS Google grants to a new keyword for the time being.


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Re: QS and CTR

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Thank you that is excellent information!

Re: QS and CTR

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For what it's worth, it took several weeks for the QSs to start going up to reflect my performance, but then my keywords aren't exactly high-traffic. Hopefully you'll see something sooner.