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Trying to understand 1/10 quality score on seemingly random keywords?

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I currently run a campaign for the business I work at. Have been using AdWords since last October. Generally our account is fine in terms of quality score. We have a few 10/10's, a few 9/10's, then a large number in the 7/10-5/10 range.


I keep an eye on the account daily and for some reason a decent number of keywords have dropped to 1/10 quality score . I just can't work out why as these keywords are some of the ones that are integral to who we are:


We are an NZ firm that does a lot of work in relationship property. One keyword I added was "contracting out agreement" which is a type of relationship property contract. We are targetting quite a small market as we target our ads only in Auckland, during work hours, and we have pretty extensive negative keyword list. In something like two days the quality score for this keyword dropped to 1/10 - despite the fact that:


1. The "landing page experience" is the same one used for other keywords relating to relationship property that have an "above average" landing page experience - but in this case it shows as "below average". Not to mention the page is entirely written around "contracting out agreements"  - what they are - and the service we provide as lawyers to provide them.


2. Ad-Relevance is showing as below average despite the fact that our ads are based around the fact that we are relationship property lawyers, in Auckland, who deal in relationship property issues, such as the creation of contracting out agreements.


3. Expected click-through rate is "below average". Only problem here is we'd only had 20 something impressions before we dropped to a 1/10 quality score and now we have no chance of getting it back up as at 1/10 quality score the ad is never going to show! It's basically a catch 22 where we can't get a decent CTR without having a good CTR to start with. (Also, "prenup agreement" has a 1/10 quality score too for some reason and we have a 5% CTR on that one!)


It's quite frustrating as the same thing is happening with other keywords that really are not bad. [relationship property lawyer auckland] for example is sitting at a 3/10 when that is literally what we are!!!


Ok - rant over? Does anyone have any advice or ideas on how to turn this around?

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Re: Trying to understand 1/10 quality score on seemingly random keywords?

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Hi James,


Out of the 3 components of QS, Expected CTR plays the vital role.


Discussing all the components in details(as per your mentioned order):


1) Landing page Experience:
It does not depend only by including the keywords in the content.
The major factors include- Website/landing page loading time, ease of navigation, promoting transparency and fostering trustworthiness, providing relevant, useful, and original content, design and layout(to engage, attract customers).


2) Ad-relevance:
It is how much you ad is relevant to the user search queries and the keywords triggering the ads.
Exact match keyword with the user query contributes the most.

3) Expected CTR:
This status predicts whether your keyword is likely to lead to a click on your ads.Google take into account how well your keyword has performed in the past, based on your ad's position. The expected clickthrough rate (CTR) Google provide for a keyword in your account is an estimate based on the assumption that the search term will match that keyword exactly.


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Re: Trying to understand 1/10 quality score on seemingly random keywords?

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Hi there; The default QS granted upon adding a new keyword, until performance statistics is gained - is 6, Once enough statistics gained, (for a given KW) you are assigned a a QS based on the KW own performances. QS of 1 means the CTR is Neal. ( i.e. No Cliks) OR, a CTR far below the your competitors.
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Re: Trying to understand 1/10 quality score on seemingly random keywords?

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Sounds to me, as well, that it has to do with your keywords related to those ads with a low quality score. If the keywords do not get enough searches, put them in the negative list or if they do but it is the ads, pause them.