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Travel Industry Averages (CTR, Conversion Rate, etc)

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I have six clients who are into travel industry. All of them are local travel agents. I am keen to know latest averages for travel industry. I am specially interested to know the CTR and Conversion Rate. 


My Averages are


CTR = 3.5% - 4%


Conversion Rate = 15% - 20% 


Above information is for Text Ads Campaigns only. I am not considering banner campaigns too much.


I like to know experts comments on how I am performing. Is this bad and do I need to improve. I even tried to find information from, but unable to find. 




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Accepted by topic author Ishara Shehan
November 2015

Re: Travel Industry Averages (CTR, Conversion Rate, etc)

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Hi Ishara

CTR for 3%-4% is a healthy CTR for your campaigns, but I am curious to know that are you including Brand Campaigns also for calculating this CTR. If yes then you should consider checking CTR for campaigns other than your Brand campaigns(because Brand campaigns have higher CTR as compared to others generic campaigns), and if it is only foe Generic Campaigns then its good.

For conversion rate, I think getting a lead is your goal. As per my views your conversion rate is also quiet good. For me you are moving in the right direction.


Re: Travel Industry Averages (CTR, Conversion Rate, etc)

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Hi Abhishek,
Thanks a lot for the reply. I actually listed metrics of generic campaigns, not Brand campaigns.

Yes as conversions, we collect leads. Thanks again.