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Tracking click data

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Hi, my company is newer to getting extensive Google Analytics reporting set up-- I was wondering, what is the best way to track clicks and clicks during page sessions in Google Analytics? Do I need to have the Tag Manager set up in order to do this? Thank you!

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March 2017

Tracking click data

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Hey Lauren,


Thanks for posting this issue here.


Yeah using of Tag Manager will work for you. It will help you in following aspects.


1. Auto-Event Triggers
Set a tag to fire based on certain on-site events — page views, clicks, form submissions, errors, timers, and more — without any extra code.


2. Click:
Set a tag to fire when a particular element is clicked — for example, when a user clicks the ‘buy now’ button or a link that leads away from your site.


3. Custom Event:
Set a tag to fire based on a custom logged event, such as a user watching a video on your site or scrolling to a certain point on the page.


4. Form Submission:
Set a tag to fire when a particular form is submitted — no additional code required.


5. Page View:
Set a tag to fire when a particular page is viewed, like when the page URL matches your thank-you page.


Hope it helps Smiley Happy

Tracking click data

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Thank you for your help!