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Tracking Status of Conversion is still unverified

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In my adword campaign, I added some URLs for conversion  but tracking status is still in unverified mode.
Here i have attached the snapsh4-17-2013 12-48-47 PM.pngot for your reference.

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Re: Tracking Status of Conversion is still unverified

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Hi there,


Your snapshot is not working unfortunately.


Are you 100% sure the tracking javascript is entered correctly on the thank you / order confirmation page?


Please re-attach the image, or even post the source code of the thank you page so that we can see how the code looks in there.



Jack Porter-Smith
Jack's G+

Re: Tracking Status of Conversion is still unverified

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<body class="page page-id-521 page-template page-template-success-php single-author singular two-column right-sidebar">
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<header class="entry-header">
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<div class="entry-content">
<p style="color: #0099ff; text-align: center;" align="center">Thanks for choosing our service!! We received your information.</p>
<p style="color: #cc3333; text-align: center;">ABN Registration Australia respects your privacy. Please check your email to collect your receipt. <a href="" >Click here</a> to choose your entity type for trading another business.</p>
<p style="color: #666666; text-align: center;">We welcome you again!!</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Thanks for your comments. Our team will review you request and get back to you shortly.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Thanks for choosing our service. Your request is received. We will review your project and get back to your shortly.</p>
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<footer class="entry-meta"> </footer>
<!-- .entry-meta -->
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<div id="comments"> </div>
<!-- #comments -->
<!-- #content -->
<!-- #primary -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-33889313-1");
"689", // order ID - required
"ABN Registration Australia", // affiliation or store name
"1", // total - required
"0", // tax
"0", // shipping
"NSW", // city
"Sydney", // state or province
"Australia" // country
// add item might be called for every item in the shopping cart
// where your ecommerce engine loops through each item in the cart and
// prints out _addItem for each
"689", // order ID - necessary to associate item with transaction
"Individual - ABN", // SKU/code - required
"ABN Registration Australia - Individual", // product name
"ABN Registration Australia", // category or variation
"1", // unit price - required
"1" // quantity - required
pageTracker._trackTrans(); //submits transaction to the Analytics servers
} catch(err) {}
<!-- Google Code for abn Conversion Page -->
<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
var google_conversion_id = 1014539272;
var google_conversion_language = "en";
var google_conversion_format = "2";
var google_conversion_color = "ffffff";
var google_conversion_label = "SoYsCND-gQMQiMji4wM";
var google_conversion_value = 0;
/* ]]> */
<script type="text/javascript" src="//">
<div style="display:inline;"> <img height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" alt="" src="//;label=SoYsCND-gQMQiMji4wM&amp;gui..."/> </div>
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