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Track submissions of a Given landing page form

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I 've got a landing with a sign up form and some links to other pages of the website.


I want to track no. of form submissions on the form which is there on the LP itself.


i.e. There might signups happening where users clicks on various links > browse through the site and then sign up through a form on a different page.


How can is measure the ratio of conversions happening from these 2 different sources.








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Re: Track submissions of a Given landing page form

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HI Vikram,

Welcome to the adwords Community

You can track the conversion Through Google Adwords for conversion getting from Google adwords.

But if you want track conversion getting from other medium you it can be through Google Analytics.

You have to implement Google analytic Code and define the goal that you want to track.
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Track submissions of a Given landing page form

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Thanks Rakesh. How exactly can i do this from GA?

Re: Track submissions of a Given landing page form

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Hi Vikram,


If I may jump in here, there are different aspects to what you actually want to track here. If you want to know only your landing page form submissions happening from Google Adwords, then install the conversion tracking code on the form submission thanks page only. Doing this will help Adwords in tracking your conversions for that form only.


But if you want to also track other sign ups (which you are mentioning like users can browse other pages and fill other sign ups as well), then in that case you can install the conversion tracking code on those different thanks pages as well. Doing will let Adwords track those sign ups as conversions for you and update in the Google Adwords interface.


Apart from this, Google Analytics is a web analytics tool which is used world-wide to track web activities happening on the website. It is strange if you are not using it till now and I would encourage you to use it right away. You can visit official Google Analytics website and sign up to get the script and install that script on your website or the landing pages to start getting in depth web reporting for your website.


My couple of cents!