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Totally new website a good idea, or edit the original?

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Hey guys,


My client currently has a website that's been up for around 5 years' - I recommended that he add more landing pages for his various product lines to increase relevancy (currently it's a single page setup). My plan originally was for him to add more pages to his existing site, which does pretty well in it's niche for organic rankings.

The client has come back with a brand new, self-designed site via the platform - it looks fine initially but for some reason I have this notion that sites like wix could be bad for SEO? or if not, just the fact that he'll be moving from an established site, to a totally new one might diminish his results.

My goal is to provide the most value (conversions) to the client so my questions are:


1. Is migrating to a totally new site built on wix a bad idea vs adding to the existing site?

2. If there's no real issue doing this - what are the fundamental tasks for a successful migration of the clients adwords campaign to the new website? 


Appreciate your insights.

Re: Totally new website a good idea, or edit the original?

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Hi Mark,


1) Keeping the original domain/website and adding new pages. See how they perform in SEO. Then you can use 301 redirect for corresponding pages of new website. Wix offers a SEO tool also.

2)Keeping old domain for adwords is recommended as it has good URL history.


Hope you find it helpful.