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I am advertising under the keywords "end mill" and "end mills".  I have the keywords in my add multiple times and my adds go directly to pages with products.  Therefore, I should have a "good" quality score. But I don't.  The website is


The other problem is that if I use the estimated top page bid, then my average position is about 6 and not on the top page.  If I go 50% higher in bids, then I reach the top, but then I blow my budget.  It seems to me that my adds have a higher quality score according to the rules than my competition, however, I am consitently ranking lower.


Any suggestions?



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Re: Top Page Bids

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Quality scores are finicky and fluctuate multiple times per day. What kind of quality scores are you getting?


Also, you can use this Adwords feature ( ) to gain a little more insight into the reasons for your quality score.

Re: Top Page Bids

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Hello wolftooltech,


I have the keywords in my add multiple times and my adds go directly to pages with products. 


Simply filling your text ads with the keywords multiple times is not going to take you anywhere. That's my opinion.


Low Quality Score of the keywords can be attributed to many reasons, out of which keyword relevance is the core issue. Other reasons could be Low CTR of the keyword in the account, other advertisers might have used these keywords badly leading to the low QS in the eyes of Google etc...


You need to optimize your account strategically, identify the low performing keywords and pause them.


Additionally, you can also think of introducing variations of the keywords with different match types and measure their performance.


Work in the direction of improving Exact Match Impression Share of your account. Higher it is, higher could the Quality Score.


Look at the max. bids which you have set and make sure you set the optimial bids so that you remain in the competition in front of your competitors and compete well.


Read this for more details.


Best of Luck!