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Tools > Attribution Model - how to pause a keyword?

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I trying to pause keywords the right way and I need to analyse all the keywords in terms of conversions and assisted conversions. Meaning, my adgroup can have some kewyords with no conversions but maybe i should let them run, because they are assisting others.

I was trying to get that value from Tools > Attribuiton, but I notice the keywords in there are only the keywords with conversions, meaning I don't have all of keywords list i have in the adgroups. I'm using last click model attribution model.

1 - Besides this analysis, for pausing a keyword, do you advise others?

2 - Where can I view this indicators for all the keywords? Adding custom columns is the only way?

3 - Why in keywords with no conversions, in my adgroups, i don't have any indicators regarding attribution? Because I'm using last click model attribution?

4 - Why I can't see any indicators in GA? Do I must link the Adwords and Google accounts to get this indicators? I think I have some accounts that aren't linked and I can get indicators in GA, so I am asking.


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Tools > Attribution Model - how to pause a keyword?

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Hi Joao

I think the best place to do this is in GA as you can see the ROAS contribution comparison there side by side with each model you choose to compare. 

It does mean that you have to pause the keywords manually in AdWords but it gives you a much better view of the actual VALUE of the keyword to you when you're viewing it as an alternative to last click.