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Too Broad

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I am responsible for running the marketing campaign for the london dog walkers & cat sitter co.



The ad campaign I would like to ask for help with regards our advertising for new cat sitter clients. We provide our services from zones 1 to 3 in London and are mostly concentrated in central and south London. Unfortunately we have had to set our geo target area to London. When we tried to limit it to a london borough or within 2 mile radius etc there were zero impressions. Google either failed to identify the existence of certain London boroughs or was unable to provide any impressions for them. Now of course a lot of the people who click on the ads spend no time on our site. (We understand Google is only responsible for driving traffic to our site) however really clients if they have installed analytics should not be being charged for 0 seconds spent on a clients website in our opinion.


We are receiving contact via new visitors but this is often outside or far away from our catchment area or specifically for Christmas and our cat sitting is not required immediately or within a few weeks of the visitor contacting us.


Another problem we have found is that impressions for high quality ranked ads and first page ads is rather low. We are amazed that there are not more than for example 800 people in the city of London looking for Cat sitters in a day. We are sure there are a lot more using Google so why are we not receiving full exposure?


Ultimately and to go back to one of our opening statements:Google is only responsible for sending traffic our way. However if we cannot optomize and increase the number of visitors then there is obviously a serious issue.

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Re: Too Broad

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Hello again LondonDogWalker;

  • We answered, separately, the question about the Geo-targeting in the other discussion you opened
  • As for your other question: do you get any clicks or just impressions?
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Re: Too Broad

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Hi LondonDogWalker,


One suggestion I would have would be to try a campaign making sure you are using the location as part of the keyword phrase.


Like, cat sitter knightsbridge, cat boarding marble arch.(cattery has higher search than sitter by the way)


This way you can target all of London but your keywords help to narrow down your users to people actually searching for the right service.


In your more generic London campaign, are you trying to pre-qualify the users with very specific ad copy stating your service area?