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To keep only the best performing ad out of a few ads?

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I have several text ads.


In order to increase the number of clicks, should I pause or remove all ads except of one best performing? Or will Google do such an optimization for me automatically?

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Re: To keep only the best performing ad out of a few ads?

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Good morning.


Whether or not the AdWords system will automatically "optimize" your ad serving depends on which ad rotation setting you're using. If you accepted the default for your campaign (that is, didn't change it deliberately) then the system is probably already trying to serve most of the traffic to the ad it "thinks" is the best. Te "default" is to optimized from the start. 


Some advertisers let the system work this way. Others select the option that rotates the ads more-or-less evenly for 90 days, before optimizing.


Some advertisers set ads to never automatically optimize, preferring to make those decisions themselves, since they are continually testing new ad messaging to try and improve results.


If you have one ad that has really good performance metrics and is delivering the results you want, there is no rule against pausing or deleting the other ads in that Ad Group.


Hope that helps!



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Re: To keep only the best performing ad out of a few ads?

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Hello Victor


Just to add to what Theresa has said, one of the best thing to do, so far you are working on increasing clicks, is: you can decided to delete those keywords that are not performing to your expectation, or increase bids, or optimize on the performing or those that are not performing. But it will be good if you can take time to study your report or employ people who can do that for you, so as to know where to work on your ads.