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Time spent on landing page affect quality score?

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QQ - Does the amount of time spent on a landing page affect the quality score of keywords?

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September 2015

Re: Time spent on landing page affect quality score?

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Hello Melissa;

This is a very nice question;

Google  does not give a clear answer on that. It does say, in a white paper about QS,   that   the conversion rate  on the landing page  is important for a successful online campaign. But, it  adds that it does not  measure it as part of the QS.

My interpretation of that is, that the user's behavior on the landing page is not part of the QS. However, the structure of the landing page, its design, and content all (components) which   drive the user toward conversions, are included in calculating QS.


>>"Try using conversion rate as a proxy for good landing page experience. We don’t

use it in our calculation of landing page quality, but it can be a good proxy for you to

measure and optimize against. It’s also something that should matter a whole lot to

your bottom line, so you’re probably keeping a close watch on this already.


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Re: Time spent on landing page affect quality score?

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My thought as well. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.