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This campaign is not currently enabled.

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Hello There,

My campaign is enabled.  but my ads are not showing, not end date set, green button icon is showing, billing amount is correct but still my ads are not showing. Its showing me a message  "This campaign is not currently enabled." please tell me whats the issue behind it



This campaign is not currently enabled.

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Hi @paramjit w


Sounds like you have everything set up correctly. Here are some troubleshooting ideas:


1. Could it be that your daily budget was exhausted? Once your account spends your daily budget (or a little over) the campaign pauses until the next day. 

2. Are your adgroups, ads and keywords enabled and eligible (not disapproved or suspended)?

3. Is your billing information up to date? You can verify this by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner!


Best of luck!



This campaign is not currently enabled.

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Hi Paramjit, 


Please check the following details:


1. Under ADs tab, click the columns button and modify columns. Select Attributes metric, add policy details column and save. This column will provide you the details to see if your ads comply with adwords advertising policies and are not stopped due to violation issues. For more details check here - 


2. Under the ads tab, check the status column to see if you are not restricted due to limited approval. 


3. Under the campaigns tab, check the status column to make sure that you are not restricted due to limited daily budget.


4. Under the settings tab, check the ad delivery method to make sure if you are not using accelerated mode. If yes, then change it to standard mode.


If you are good with the above 4 choices, then try increasing your default max.CPC value. 


Hope this helps.