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The right Ad group for key phrases

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Hey guys, I have a couple of questions that are probably on the basic side.


1. If I have 2 campaigns "new widgets" and "widget costs", where would the BMM "+new +widget +costs" live? I am guessing it would better belong inside of new widget costs? As the ad would be more relevant. 


2. Would I then add "widget costs" as a negative for the other campaign to prevent them from competing? Is internal competition much of an issue here?


Thanks in advance

Re: The right Ad group for key phrases

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If this is a new campaign I would suggest using the 'broad to narrow' method when creating your ad groups and key phrases. 


All in all keep your campaign structure as simple and straight forward as possible in line with your marketing goals. 


In regards to your questions..


Because you are using the broad match modifier keyword match type and yes you may get some internal competition... 


1. Considering the keyword match type you are using... create one ad group I.E 'widgets'

With ads for both 'new widgets' and 'widget costs' - and all keywords associated. Then create a landing page for the ad group which has clear relevant information on 'new widgets' and 'widget costs'. This way you will still have relevant ads to what is being searched and relevant landing page. 


2. Instead of using broad match modifier use the exact match keyword matching type. Another advantage of this would be, being able to use f features such as keyword insertions.  But you will manually have to list and insert as much keyword combinations as possible.


Articles you may find helpful:


1. Using keyword Match Types.


2. Key Word Insertaion.


To conclude, I would suggest keep it simple and use one of the two above options and you wont have to worry about adding negative keywords which are actually keywords in other AdGroups whilst keeping your ads as relevant as possible to the respective keywords you use.

Finally the phrase you have quoted in your scenario - "+new +widget +costs" would be applicable to both ad groups, but will conflict, in this case the one with the higher quality score will display. Try looking into embedded negative keywords at ad group level.


Also please give this article a read, where you will find info on 'how similar keywords match to search terms'


Hope I was of some help! 



Re: The right Ad group for key phrases

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Hi Wijid, thanks for your input.

Currently, I have all my ad-groups quite tight and all keywords with a QS of 10. Creating a single adgroups for widgets and new widgets, with differing ads, would surely reduce my CTR, relevance and thus my QS? Which would of course all then raise my CPC etc?

I realise that my setup is not exactly the easiest to manage, but I'd opt for highly-optimised vs ease of management when possible. It may be that I am misunderstanding and your suggestion wouldn't suffer the above issues?

Re: The right Ad group for key phrases

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Now you made us aware of that information to your scenario.. its a tricky one, me personally I would not want to ruin my quality score in that configuration at all.

The particular keywords in their respective ad groups can you not change the match types to exact match? I.E [new widgets] [widget costs] - but again I suppose if you do your quality score will change.

In the range of solutions I can suggest you will get some sort on conflict in your account..

So leave it as is and let AdWords automatically show you the keyword which has the better Quality Score. Just make sure you have relevant ads in each ad group for the keywords. Internal competition should not be much of an issue as long as the ads showing are relevant.

I hope this is of some further help..

Re: The right Ad group for key phrases

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Hi Wijid, thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

So I've concluded that new widget costs would better belong in the adgroup "widget costs", because of the better ad relevance. However, I am still unsure as to whether I would add a negative of "costs" in to the "new widgets" campaign?

It makes logical sense, but I don't know whether its best practice or if there are considerations I've not thought about.