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Text Campaigns on GDN

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I work on an ecommerce domain. I want to know a strategy (a profitable way) to increase my Text campaigns on GDN. Considering the Text Ads on Content network comprise of 25% of total GDN Ad network.




Ankur Koul

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Re: Text Campaigns on GDN

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Hi Ankur, when you say "increase my Text campaigns" do you mean increasing the number of clicks, or the number of impressions, or the conversion rate or something else?


Any more detail you can provide will help us provide a more thorough and useful answer.





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Re: Text Campaigns on GDN

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for your reply. By saying "Increase my Text Campaigns", I mean increase in the overall traffic (Impressions & Clicks), and conversion rate by keeping the my Cost / Order consistent.

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Re: Text Campaigns on GDN

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Hello Ankur,


Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


There are many aspects with Google Display Network, which you can opt for depending upon what you want to accomplish.


GDN can be used to uplift your brand in terms of what product you are selling and what are most profitable ones which you think can bring back more revenue for your company.


You can target text ads (as you said) using Google's Contextual targeting method where your ad will be served based on theme based keywords inside your ad group. Of course, due to current advancements, you can get the real insights of keyword level data for your GDN campaign to see which keywords are bringing more clicks, conversions for you.


To start with GDN, basics remain the same. Tightly theme based ad groups grouped along specific product coupled with good ad copy targeting specific landing page of your website.


Another option is Managed placement campaign wherein you can use the Placement targeting tool to identify right set of placements for your campaign and target them specifically to generate more business.


Topic level targeting assists you in showing your ads to specific category which you want to target.


Remarketing is an advanced strategy, which you can think of targeting same set of audiences who have either came to your website and doesn't convert and many more options.


I am wondering why you want to focus only on text ads. Image ads could also do the trick for you. You can use Google's Display ad builder to create custom moving image ads and target GDN.


Lastly, you have got more flexible settings for your GDN, where you can have custom ad group level settings which gives more flexibility in terms of targeting options. See this for details.


I hope that helps!


Re: Text Campaigns on GDN

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There are some great ideas here, thanks everybody!


To try and increase traffic on your display campaign, you might want to try and increase the number of placements or keywords (ie - your targeting methods that you have listed in the campaign), and increase your bids to boost your presence in the ad auction. 


The resources listed by Pankaj will also help you out if you need any clarification on these types of targeting methods. 


Hope this is useful!