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Testing narrow ads - what negative keywords to use

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In the past, I've run very broad ads - basically one ad group per major category of products in my ecommerce store (eg "widgets"). I'm now experimenting with much narrower ads (eg "cheap blue widgets", "eco-friendly green widgets"). I can't convert my entire account (or even an entire category) into narrow ads at once, so I'm thinking of running them alongside each other.


This is what I'm thinking of doing:


Ad group 1: Cheap blue widgets

Ad group 2: Eco-friendly green widgets

Ad group 3: Widgets (catch-all ad for people searching for other kinds of widgets)


I set up ad group 1 to use one keyword only:


+cheap +blue +widgets


But the ad isn't showing, because my broad ad is hogging all the impressions for all widget-related keywords.


How do I add negative keywords to the broad ad to stop that from happening? Should I add "cheap" and "blue" as separate negative keywords? Or add "cheap blue widgets"? "+cheap +blue widgets"? I'm so confused!

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September 2015

Re: Testing narrow ads - what negative keywords to use

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Hi Helen,

For initial tests one option is, add Cheap blue widgets & Eco-friendly green widgets as exact match keywords in their respective ad groups, with very specific ad copies.

Then add these exact match keywords ad negative keywords in 'widgets' ad group (use +widgets (BMM) to capture all widget related searches)


Re: Testing narrow ads - what negative keywords to use

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Hi Helen,


In addition to what Deepak said above, I would require more specific details. Are you saying that till now you have been running broad match type keywords in your account.


If yes, then you should first be looking at the Search Terms Report and understand what type of search queries have converted in the past. Based on that come up with the initial set of keywords and launch them with more restrictive match type as Deepak said like Exact and probably Phrase matches as well. You will see the improvement gradually inside the account.


Also you can then think about adding the embedded negative match type keywords. Like in Broad campaign, add the similar phrase and exact matches as negatives. Similarly in phrase campaign, add the Exact match type similar keywords as negatives. That would actually streamline the flow of traffic upto certain extent.


I would also encourage you to read this help center doc on how similar keywords are matched to search terms:


My 2 cents!


Re: Testing narrow ads - what negative keywords to use

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Hi Pankaj, yes, up till now I've been running broad match ads on very large keyword sets. That's a great idea to research my own reports for keywords to target.


And thanks Deepak, I will try your suggestion.