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Targeting the same managed placement in multiple adgroups

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Hi AdWords Community,

I have a display campaign where I'm targeting only managed placements. I need to show two ad variations on these placements. Normally this would be fine, I would upload both ads to the same adgroup and setup a rotation. However, the landing pages for these ads are on different domains. 

As a result, I plan on creating a duplicate adgroup for the 2nd ad variation. The placement targeting for both adgroups will be the same.

Will this negatively impact performance or unnecessarily increase CPCs?




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September 2015

Re: Targeting the same managed placement in multiple adgroups

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In that case the ads will compete against each other and AdWords will prefer to show the ad with the highest ad rank. This is because different ad groups have different ads and landing pages. All of these differences can result in different experiences for customer.

If I were in your shoes, I would set up a campaign experiment (ACE) and add one control ad group and one experiment group 50/50 split. This will force adwords to only make one ad group active for the auction and this will prevent your ads to compete against each other.