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Targeting right people

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I have names, emails,phone numbere, physical addresses... of my clients.

Is there a way how can I use this info to target them or similar?

Something like FBs Audiences.


I know about remarketing tag Smiley Wink


Thank you,


- Lukas
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September 2015

Re: Targeting right people

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Hi Lukas,


I'm fairly confident that information can't be used from an AdWords perspective (as it would open a world of problems with privacy issues and advertisers trying to obtain these details) but the list of physical addresses might be useful from an indirect approach.


If you can visualise the clients on a map and then spot a trend I suppose you could make your ads much more focused and specific to them whether it be through regular targeting or remarketing as you mentioned. Perhaps even encourage word of mouth marketing on a local basis via promotions / incentives for existing clients for example?


Other than that I'd be careful with the privacy side of things.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Targeting right people

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- Geographical targeting is not possible here. I has something to do with our network.
- My country is small, one religion, race...
So something like has facebook would be great Smiley Happy
- Lukas