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Targeting a City for Nationwide Campaign

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Hello Everyone, 


I operate a small business and we recently started using AdWords. I have a small issue and I hope someone in the community could provide some information. 


Our company provides a service in the city we are located in, but we often get requests from clients from all over the United States. How should I structure the ad to show around the country but only for services in my specific city? Should I do an exact match with all of our keywords plus the name of the city and state? Or is there a more efficient way to do it? 


Thanks in Advance, 

Ricardo A.

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Targeting a City for Nationwide Campaign

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Hi Ricardo A,

Use geo-targeting. Target your city. In campaign settings, include both people within your target area and people showing a interest in your area. Do not use location specific terms in your keywords, Google will figure that part out for you.

Best of Luck!




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