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Targeting Campaigns by City

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We are running same Campaigns for each targeted city, but we noticed a decrease in traffic volume.


Before, we were running all targeted cities in the same Campaign and had a much higher volume.


Now that we split, we have had issues.


Why would that be? We are still segmenting city by city. The only difference is that it is now one city per Campaign.


Has anyone had experience with this kind of strategy?

Re: Targeting Campaigns by City

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How long of a time frame from your change? 1 day, 1 week 1 month?

When you say volume do you mean impressions clicks conversions?

Are you in the Search Network or Display network?

So common issues:
New Ads No yet approved ( based on the time frame)
Ad rank and QS have dropped because it's a new campaign and has to build up CTR etc.
New Competition entered into some of the cities in ad space.
Negative keyword conflicts in new campaign.

Things to look at:
Compare CTR's from prior to new
Compare Ad Rank Position for Old to New
Check Keyword Diagnosis Report
Check Lost IS Rank on keyword
Check quality scores on Keywords
Check Your Ad CTR's compare to past.
Is your budget running out faster?
Is there an Ad Scheduling conflict or Bid Adjustment in place
Where you using Any scripts or rules that you didn't transfer?
Did you copy over Negative keywords into the new campaigns?

Give us a little more details and we might be able to pinpoint issues, but check what I listed above.

Hope that helps

Re: Targeting Campaigns by City

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Sorry I took a while to reply.

We decided to make a single Campaign again.

As of now, splitting towns into different Campaigns simply does not work.

You lose volume, quality and cost/conv goes sky high.