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Target Search Page Location

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What is the ideal strategy for 'Target Search Page Location'. I have a well performing campaign, with QS above 8. 8. However, the last month saw a dip in Sales and I was wondering if I should implement the 'Target Search Page Location' strategy to boost sales. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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September 2015

Re: Target Search Page Location

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Hi Trudy,


IMO, there is no guarantee if you implement one strategy, will that perform better compared to some other strategy.


AdWords is all about experimentation here. Before heading towards the new flexible bid strategy, did you actually work on finding what could be the reason behind low sales or conversions in your account? If QS is 8 (which is good), then how's the search terms, what was the bounce rate and other important metrics of your website.


How was the response from other channels like social media, organic , referral etc...Was it also low or same as usual.


You might try different versions of Flexible Bid strategy, but try them one by one to see the response, note it and evaluate how it impacted your overall account's performance. So basically the method you are asking, it's going to push your ad and try to show it higher on first page or might be on top of the page. But there's no guarantee as ad rank would be calculated based on many factors dynamically during the ad auction. More details around the flexible bid strategies are here:


My Thoughts!


Re: Target Search Page Location

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Thank you Pankaj. That was well put. !