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Target CPA

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Hi there,


I wanted to ask whether it is sensible to reduce my Target CPA for particular Ad Group, if that Ad Group is not converting?


I am currently doing an audt for my paid acccount so that I can bring my overall Cost and CPA down.


Please Advise.


Many thanks

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September 2015

Re: Target CPA

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Hi Islamic-Relief,


Yes, you can increase or decrease bids and it is certainly sensible. Just want to add on, I generally prefer to look at impression share, exact match share, and average position before deciding on non performing adgroup. 


You can look into adgroup keywords and can see if any of keywords consuming lost of cost and other keywords are not even getting chance to perform. You can pause particular non performing keyword from adgroup. 


Also I would advice you to check Search Term Report and see if search queries triggering your ad are relevant. If not, you can add them as negative this will help you in reduce cost. 


Also you can look into adcopy for particular adgroup, you can pause adcopy which is consuming high cost and having lesser CTR.


If all stats looks fine to you, you can reduce bids and consider adgrup as non performing.


My opinion!




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Re: Target CPA

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