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Target CPA vs CPC bidding

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I would like to ask how Target CPA compared to CPC bidding. 


I recently moved to a structure based on few campaigns divided into Ad Groups by category and on Target CPA bidding to a more granular campaign based on CPC bidding.

I have been using for a while the tecnique of slip campaigns into Broad, Phrase and Exact. The Exact matches are negative in Broad and search and the Phrase queries are Phrase negative in Broad. I do SQR checking regulary and do the same thing: I add the Search terms into the Exact campaigns and negative into the the Broad and Phrase campaigns.

That has allowed me to have a high quality score on Exact and have some impressions on the new Search terms, those that are searched for the first time. Unfortunately there is another flip to this coin and that is that the CPA went over the roof.


Could it be that as the avarage position increased I'm getting more unwanted clicks?

Re: Target CPA vs CPC bidding

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I assume ye talking about the conversion optimiser?


If so I have found that upon implementing the conversion optimiser, spend and activity increases quite a lot in order to get data in, over the coming days it will start to settle and adjust itself to acheive your target CPA.


Another good alternative is to test the enhenced CPC, it allows Google to increased/decrease bids depending on the likelyhood of a conversion but gives you a bit more control over spend.


Youre acocunt structure is one that I have tested and do actually use. It's solid and ensures that you're exact keywords are getting the traffic (as opposed to broad/phrase variables)


Regarding your CPA increasing I would indded first compare the CPCs and average positions look at a handful of top converting keywords, see their CPCs before and after the campaign change. If it's a brand new campaign your setting up it may be a QS related issue which will iron itself out as you drive some traffic.This can be identified if you are paying the same CPC as before for a given keyword but your average position has decreased (assuminmg there is no assitional compatition).


I would also double check the campaign settings to ensure they're all correct i.e.e you haven't accidently left the display network on.




Re: Target CPA vs CPC bidding

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Hi Ryan, yes - I am talking about the conversion optimiser. Both structures are Search only (Desktop and Tablet). I am currently using enhanced CPC. 

I switched from Target CPA / Conversion optimiser to CPC (enhanced) over two months ago and so far the new struture is comparing very badly, year on year: less conversions at a higher CPA.

The Target CPA campaigns was on for about 3 years.

Shall I abandon the CPC campaigns and go back to the Conversion optimiser?