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Taking forever to get clicks on adwords

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I recently started using Ad words to help promote our YouTube Channel.  On our first ad we avg. about .02 CPV but then realized that the clicks were coming from all over the world from countries that don't typically speak English even though I clicked English for the only language.  Now that said, we got a lot of views and yet our audience retention was around 5 - 10 seconds.  That also said, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and U.K. watched the show avg. of 1:30.  I learned very quickly I need to refine my next Ad to only English speaking countries.  


The next Ad I created I put up $10 for daily budget and eventually had to increase the CPV to .40 cents!  I thought it was very high and I noted that for 48 views my avg CPV was actually .23 cents.  Not horrible but still not the best.  This time I did see change and we got some likes and feed back.  


The issue I'm running into is that now we set our ads for .23 max CPV and nothing is really getting clicked...?  I'm wondering why and how I can make things start to happen. i.e. know what my CPV should be set at for the market I want and what people typically put their max to.  Also, I would like to know why it's taking so long to see results unlike the other video where we didn't discriminate certain countries.  


Any advice is greatly appreciated.




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Re: Taking forever to get clicks on adwords

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Hi David,


I think that it would help you to watch this video about how the Google Ad Auction works. Something you should also bear in mind is that oftentimes with display and video ads you have to have a competitive bid (higher than your avg. CPV) to even be eligible for an impression. 


From what you have described, it sounds like you only paid $0.23 on average for your clicks but you had to bid $0.40 to be eligible for the impression in the first place. The other thing to consider is that you might have been more eligible for placements in the past with a $0.40 bid depending on the competition for the countries you were targeting. It is likely that English speaking countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia & U.K. have a higher competition than other countries and therefore you will need to bid more to be eligible for impressions. 


To preserve this auction system and keep it fair we aren't able to tell you what people in your market typically set their max CPV to but I would suggest that if a bid of $0.40 got you impressions before, it would be a good idea to go back to that as your bid. 


Let us know if you have any further questions about this.