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Tablet traffic at $0 CPA

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Hello all,

I know the tablet issue has been beaten to the ground on enhanced campaigns... but I can not run tablet traffic.  I've created a video editing/conversion software program, and it runs only on windows.  So I have a pure $0 CPA on tablet traffic, and ~$4-$5 CPA on PC.  That CPA is completely good for me... but at minimum I'm seeing 25% tablet traffic and in some keyword cases I've seen 80% of 1k clicks coming from tablet traffic.  


Has anyone come close to being able to deal with this? I'm resorting to adding the word "windows", "windows 7", and similar to all of my keywords... but traffic is terrible.


Thank you for any ideas anyone has,


Re: Tablet traffic at $0 CPA

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To clarify a few common answers I've found while reading through other posts:
1) We see pretty much 0% user follow-up from tablets to later downloads.
2) While it would be nice to get the converter working on tablets... I'm not really stoked about starting the project from scratch just so I can get around Google's campaign limitations.
3) I'm using search. I see there are some hacks for Display... but display has delivered pretty terrible results for me even on PC's, so trying to switch my traffic wholesale over to display isn't a good solution either (even if I trusted the proposed traffic hacks using browsers versions and similar)