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Synonyms - does not trigger new words, but words around current words

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Synonyms really meant additional words around your keywords, and not a brand new keyword that has the same or close meaning as your keyword. For example, keyword "kitten" wont get you "baby cat" but will get you "adopt kittens". Has anyone noticed that? 

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September 2015

Re: Synonyms - does not new words, but words around keywords

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1. Please edit your post, and reduce the font size to the one used on the community (large font = yelling...) -Thanks!


As for your question:

You never actually know the long list of "synonyms" Google lists under a given search term. The result - you can have your ad triggered by a keyword found to match a search term you have never thought of.

That's the reason I try to avoid as much as possible the "broad match" and use only BMM. (I use the broad match only in niche markets where I assume that the "synonyms list" is limited)



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Re: Synonyms - does not new words, but words around keywords

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Hello and andreangonline,


In addition to what Moshe said above, I would also like to add here that your ad is supposed to be shown for synonyms only in case of broad match types and not broad match modifiers. So it is better if you can avoid using broad matches because using them in excess can lead to irrelevant clicks inside your campaigns. However, if you are comfortable using them, then analyze your search traffic on daily basis to eliminate unwanted traffic by using negative keywords simultaneously.


Just a thought!