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Switching URL ads level to keyword level

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Hi Everyone,


All the URL of my account are currently on the Ads level, with a blank url on every keyword.

I'd like to put it these URL on keyword level to ease adcopy testing without loosing history.

Do you think I can put these URL on keyword level without loosing historical data?

Have anyone already experienced that ?



Re: Switching URL ads level to keyword level

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In that case, the keywords destination URL will apply to every ad in your ad group and you will not be able to test different URLs for different ads.
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September 2015

Re: Switching URL ads level to keyword level

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Hi Louis,

It can be done and it will not reset the ad history. This is of course provided that the ad copy does not get changed. So, in short, yes you can change the keyword destination URL and retain the ad copy performance history.

This is only the case if you do not make any other changes, and please note that normal rules to destination URL's within as ad group still apply. So, the page that the keywords and the ads point to needs to be the same domain. This is the case even if every keyword has a destination URL and the ad URL's are not being 'used'. You can not have more than one domain in an ad group.

I hope that answers your question.