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Suspicious - video watched in Vietnam???

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I'm promoting a video about Willie Nelson and his choice of combustibles (or rather, the envy of said combustibles.)  At any rate, while I'm supposedly getting a bunch of views, the majority of them are coming from Vietnam!!! 

I find this a bit unbelievable.  Also, there are only two likes and no comments, with over 4000 views.  This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. 

I read a thread here, posted last year, about people using Adwords Express (I'm using regular Adwords) who got similarly unusual results.  I called AdWords, and after getting transferred twice, was told I would absolutely get a call back within a half hour.


That was 8 hours ago.


Anybody else have a similar experience?


- Russ

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Re: Suspicious - video watched in Vietnam???

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Hi Russ,

Did you use geo-targeting in your campaign? You can select where in the world you want your promoted video to show. Are all your views from Vietnam?

I would suggest you enable geo-targeting and exclude Vietnam and other areas of the world where you don't want to promote your video. That will make more of your budget available to show your ad where you do want it shown. That could boost the interactions with the video.

I tend to accept the data presented by AdWords and Google about clicks on ads. There's really no upside for them to misreport activity. They depend on customers trusting them. Instead of wondering if the data is correct, take action.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Suspicious - video watched in Vietnam???

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I took your advice and changed the geographic reach. I'll post back in a few days and let you know the results. As of now, nothing has changed, but it's only been one day. Thanks! - Russ