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Sudden drop of campaign performance.

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I am managing a adwords account for a client who provides moving services.The campigns were really running good till the last month.But from this month i have noticed a sudden fall of performance of all the  campaigns. I havn't change anything that can create such a mojor issue like this.

Onething that i have come  to understand that,the competition has suddenly increased in my tergated location.There is no conversion for this month till now,decrease in clicks also.

I am expecting your suggestion in order to come out from the situation....






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Re: Sudden drop of campaign performance.

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Hi Shuva,


I would advice you to compare this month perfomance with the last month when it was working fine. It would helo you to find out the reasons of drop down in clicks or conversions? You can check if Avg. position has been declined coz of new competitors. Compare QS, CTR, Impression share, exact match share and other important metrics.


Please check Search Query Report and see if you are suddenly getting irrelevant queries. I would advice you to negative those queries. Look into competitors adcopy as this is what user see very first. Is the competitors adcopies are more compelling and beating your adcopy? If yes. you need to test new enticing adcopies. 


My understanding says whenever a new competitors comes to the market, they comeup after enough marketing research and start campaign with aggresive bidding to touch top positions. 


Once you came to know which metrics are exactly effected due to new competitor, you can look for workaround and start optimizing that.


Hope that helps! Good Luck.




Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Sudden drop of campaign performance.

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You must be making some changes to your bids, keywords, ads, settings, even though they are very small but they do make a make difference to your campaign performance. Every time you make any change it takes some time for the campaign to stabalize.


So in an already competitve market if you are making too many changes to achieve good performance then you are bound to hit hard by the system. However even in bad times we must not forget the importance of having a good CTR and average positions. Even if this calls for raising your cpc for the time being then do that, but if you let your avg position decline & your CTR drop then you will be trapped in this vicious circle.


My suggestion to you would be to raise your bids on the top performing keywords so that their avg positions are in place. IN addition to that do not make too many changes too frequently. Simple exlcude irrelevant queries and makes sure your ads show up for the keywords you want at good positions.


After 3-4 weeks then reasses situation and make necessary changes!




Re: Sudden drop of campaign performance.

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I would recommend that you check the Google Auction Insights tool over time, and see what has happened (competitors showing up more often?) Also, check your ad copy vs. their ad copy, see if someone has created more compelling content then you.


Also, how does the broader industry look? Is this just an adwords problem?

Re: Sudden drop of campaign performance.

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Hi shuva,


Little more thought on this issue :


To address this issues effectively, first of all we need to understand the exact reason for low performance & then make changes accordingly.I would suggest you to start with change history reports evaluation. Check  & ensure that there hasn't been any unwanted/accidental change in keywords, bids etc.


Post this, identify which campaign component has got the issue,  is it with Impression volumes/CTR/Conv. Rate etc. If Yes, then you know where to focus.


Once you know for sure that all campaign components are intact & couldn't justify the reason for drop in performance then evaluate external factors like competition landscape (New entrants/Pricing/Offers/Deal etc), any major change/news in your industry vertical/ shift in customers perception towards your brand etc & then device a startegy accordingly.


Hope this will be of some help!