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Sudden drop in impressions following copy changes

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Hi Everyone,


Our client started running a promotion that they wanted to promote across all campaigns in the account, with brand new ad copy. After enabling the new copy (and pausing all previous copy) we have experienced a significant drop in impressions and clicks.


Our Google rep explained this with the new copy resetting the account's quality score, and with a lower initial CTR, our new quality score was lower than before, therefore we were eligible for less impressions.


Firstly, is this really the reason for what we can see?


Secondly, what is the best way to avoid such a drop in traffic when copy has to be changed account wide (our client runs similar promotions quite a few times a year)? So far we have increased bids across our keywords to balance what we have lost in quality score (this resulted in an increase in CPA), and we have started running one older copy in rotation with the promotional copy (this takes impressions away from the promotional message). Can anyone think of a better way to fight this issue? 





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Re: Sudden drop in impressions following copy changes

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Hi Jakab, great question!


Firstly, there's really no such thing as an "account quality score"; it's likely that the new Ads affected the individual Quality Scores of the keywords and that this changed your average position, but there's no Quality Score at the Account level.


To avoid such changes, personally I tend to put short term promotions into their own Ad Groups which I then enable or disable as the promotions come and go.  You then have the option to either pause your "normal" Campaigns/Groups while these promotions run or work out some way to run them side by side (for example, you could use the same Keywords in both Campaigns, but bid higher for the promotional ones so they win more frequently.


Alternatively, you could simply have two or three promotional Ads in each Group, and then enabled/disable these, again, either pausing your originals or allowing them to run side by side (as long as you have your Ads rotating evenly).


In short, with short-term promotions I'd always look to preserve the existing structure in some way rather than change (remove/new) anything.



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Re: Sudden drop in impressions following copy changes

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Hi Jakab,

You have some great advice here from Jon. I would follow his advice and do exactly as Jon had described here when it comes to promotional campaigns. I personally follow this process myself and have seen very little or no hindrances in my account performance till date.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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