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Sudden Drop in conversions

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Recently my Google ads campaign completed 7 moths and first 4 I got good conversion for every 50k I got 4 conversions but from last 3 moths its gradually decreased and now am not getting single conversion also even though am having same click, impressions with same landing pages.


Kindly help me to improve the conversions.


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Re: Sudden Drop in conversions

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Hello Umesh,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


Working with conversions is one of the most significant and challenging aspects of AdWords. There's no predefined rule of thumb for it. We need to take good care of several factors to succeed and keep succeeding at it.


Some of the primary factors affecting Conversions are - your keywords, ad copies, click through rates, landing page experience, ad positions, and others.


More importantly, there is no guarantee that if a campaign has been bringing conversions for months, it will keep doing it. For instance, if someday your competitors succeed at beating you with more strategic campaigns, conversion friendly ads copies and landing pages, your conversion rate is sure to suffer.


Considering everything, I would advise you to check if you made any changes to the ads texts or added  new negative keywords? It may be the reason.  


Further, as you said you have the same number of impressions and clicks, it's the time you should do some analysis on your competitors and should optimize your landing pages, keywords, and ad texts accordingly. 


All the best.




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Re: Sudden Drop in conversions

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Hi Umesh,


In addition to what Ratan said above, I would like to add here that online marketing is ever evolving and you need to be on top always to see what works and what not.


Its not always about the same landing page and same ad copies. If you go beyond that, you might see your competitors and other advertisers offering something more in addition to what you are doing. So you need to visualize this from every perspective. Based on that if something is required in terms of special offers, more discounts might provide them to the users online.


Also review what all types of campaigns you have been running and what is there you are still missing and if that fits in your budget, you should be testing every feature provided by AdWords. Be it Call out extensions (I hope you are implementing that), Dynamic Remarketing, DSAs etc...


Also review the last 3 months search queries data and see if there is anything different which the users might be looking for and you are not able to provide that to them.


Just few of my thoughts!