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Sudden Drop In Impressions and Clicks

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My website is past few days everything was going good I have receive good amount of traffic and impression on daily basis. 25th of june I have noticed a sudden drop in impressions and clicks and after 26 june to till date google webmaster show 0 impression and click over website. And google analytics report show website visitor were increased. Any help would be much appreciated!


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Re: Sudden Drop In Impressions and Clicks

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Hi @Raghav M,

Let me try and answer you in 2 parts:
1. your sudden drop in impressions - That doesnt look like a drop to me. It seems like your paid ads have stopped altogether. This could be due to multiple reasons - All ads campaigns have been paused, your budget order amount has been reached or something else went wrong with your billing, campaign end dates reached etc.

2. The increase in overall sessions need not be directly related to AdWords campaigns. Since you have no traffic coming in from the paid adwords channel, the overall traffic should have dropped but since you are seeing a slight rise, something else is not only able to get you the traffic you would have otherwise lost because of AdWords, but it getting you some additional traffic too! This something else could be some other promotion you are running - online or offline, tv ads, banners etc.

I would recommend you find the source of this. look at the traffic channels and figure out from what source has your traffic increased.
Also, figure why your paid campaigns are not showing ads. Log into your AdWords account, go into billing, you should see an alert there is there are any billing issues. If not, then go to the keyword tab and click on the speech bubble in the "status" column. enerally, you should be able to spot common issues there.

Hope this helps!

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